“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonardo Da Vinci

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At Absolute Gravitas, Credibility is all we have. Every customer site is referenceable.
We know that an ERP system is the ‘heart’ of a company therefore due care and consideration must be taken to ensure success. Partner with us for success, our implementation methodologies are tried, tested and proven.
We understand that every client is different and this is why we offer a choice of a full Consultative Methodology or a simpler Prescriptive - Standard Methodology driven by predefined components.
We also know that planning is crucial and integral to success – Companies must rigorously evaluate prospective Systems before selection. This entails detailed demonstration(s) by Software Vendors and their Business Partners to prove that their Software is a good fit to requirements.
Please contact us for a free demonstration of Sage Enterprise Management – Sage X3. Our Presales team is waiting for your call.
Our Presales team not only presents software but is also involved in implementation projects to ensure that promises made are delivered.
Reference sites are available upon request.
Implementation methodologies available upon request.